Whitfield Gardens Public SquareGiant orange bench

An urban oasis with water and a giant orange bench

Whitfield Gardens is a neglected open space on Tottenham Court Road that requires rejuvenating to become an attractive place for local residents and workers. The design uses an undulating precast pavement, the upper curve of which becomes a sitting edge. Lighting is set into the undulating surface, and a wall of water rises out of the paved area.

A long oversized orange timber bench runs along the boundary of the site – at a comfortable height for seating adults or children as the pavement rises and falls. Stripes marked onto the pavement accentuate the perspective and curvature.

Adjacent café owners could occupy a paved area with café tables and chairs, with some grouped public seating arranged within an under lit rectangular area.

Camden, London


London Borough of Camden / Groundwork Camden



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An urban oasis with water and a giant orange bench

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