UnityGiant Tile

Oversized tile pattern animates the new square

The Unity residential and commercial development in central Liverpool is a hugely successful award winning scheme. Covering the surface of the new roof garden square is a giant tile pattern, a scale of design appropriate to the adjacent towers.

The design plays with the scale shift of a pattern viewed from high above, or as a perspective view from the ground. The pattern was taken from a Minton tile floor from the Neoclassical building St Georges Hall which is Liverpool’s Criminal Court. Unity Square displays an oversized version of this tile in negative and positive form. The bold yet simple concept of the tile connects one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool with one of the most contemporary.

On the square’s patterned surface are placed mirrored stainless steel planters that reflect and distort the pattern up the walls of the planters. Within the planters the red foliage of Acer trees form a backdrop to the bright green and autumn yellow of Ginkgo trees.

Liverpool, UK


Rumford Investments




Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects


2007 RIBA Award Winner

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Oversized tile pattern animates the new square

Kinnear Landscape Architects
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