New Urban Boulevards and Public Squares on Silvertown Way

The design reinvents Silvertown Way as a New Urban Boulevard - a pedestrian and cycle friendly route. The design creates spaces where pedestrians have a higher priority, which along with greener streetscapes can enhance the life experience of local residents.

A linear public green space runs along the back of the site, linking to the road via three new squares. The squares are lively, active spaces with facilities for recreation and cafes.

There is an emphasis on improving the ecological and sustainable nature of the area within the development. The proposal extends the waterside setting of the adjacent nature conservation area The Limmo into the site, providing suds drainage and water edge vegetation within the linear green space. Separating the development from the railway is an acoustic willow wall, and roof gardens and green roofs continue the ecological theme of the Limmo up the façade of the building.

Newham, London


Redrow Regeneration




Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects

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New Urban Boulevards and Public Squares on Silvertown Way

Kinnear Landscape Architects
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