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Southey Owlerton Green Web covers over 14% of Sheffield City.

The Green Web is a sub regional landscape study of a residential district covering an area of over 14% of Sheffield city environs. 5 Big Ideas were developed in the study - Park City; See and be seen; Identity from landform; From city to country and back again; Green arteries.

The proposals focus on improving the interface between the housing and the green spaces, linking these spaces to become green arteries to give the district a clear identity. Creating gateways to the area and landmark sites to encourage higher usage of the green spaces by locals and visitors.

The overall features of the terrain inform the proposals – treelined ridges with long views; wild areas and food producing allotments; wet woodland planting; lessening the distinction between street trees and defined woodland areas. Wider roads have verge planting and segregated cycle ways. Increased awareness of the woodland and green spaces is raised through a higher visibility along main routes and around visited sites such as the hospital.

The Green Web Study initiated several key landmark and gateway masterplans. Parson Cross Park and Tongue Gutter masterplan proposals include features to increase user safety – siting new housing on the park edges and improved sightlines within.

The award winning Cookson Park project created a revived park with many new features including climbing walls and boulders, football pitch, cycle speedway track, play areas and a new skate and bmx park that has become an attraction for visitors from all over Sheffield.

Sheffield, UK


Sheffield City Council / Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration


£2m to £3m

Green Web

Southey Owlerton Green Web covers over 14% of Sheffield City.

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