Lansisatamanpuisto ParkCompetition

Bold patterns from Finnish Design Culture

The new park will be a part of the story of Helsinki. The story links back to a design of historic significance from the early 1900s and jumps forward to a contemporary park which reflects this history.

The site is represented as a slice through a piece of topography with hills and geological formations running through it. A series of orientating objects in the park will give landmarks to the open space. These objects include landforms with distinctive shapes, themed play areas, strong bold patterns across the landscape and a series of deep red walls placed on the same orientation.

We have acknowledged the importance of winter weather in Finland by making a landscape and landforms that transform at different times of the year.

There is a resident’s park which is an opportunity to bring young and old together. We have built on this opportunity by placing a pond on the plaza which ducks can use, a stage and a play and seating area next to each other so generations can mix.

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki City Council

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Bold patterns from Finnish Design Culture

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