Houghton RegisHousing Masterplan

A new wetland context for housing development.

The design concept proposed to populate the flood plain with planted trees on drumlin mounds that continue from the countryside right into the heart of the site. The flood plain location and characteristics of the site strongly influence the masterplan for this new housing development.

As the land rises towards Sandringham Drive, the drumlins become more formal bunds with pollarded trees. These trees are multifunctional, ie play areas and providing privacy for housing and screening parking. The new urban realm is a network of new squares and streets.   

SUDS drainage swales are green corridors through the development for animals, insects and reptiles. This green network softens the urban realm, making streets and open spaces green and inviting. Streets are a shared environment, where cars and pedestrians mix in a flexible urban realm.  Play is an integral part of all the open spaces.

Bedfordshire, UK


Aldwyck Housing Association




Proctor and Matthews


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A new wetland context for housing development.

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