Grizedale ForestVisitor Centre

A miniature drumlin valley for Grizedale’s Walled Garden

Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre is situated in a drumlin valley – drumlins are formed by glacier movement, leaving behind mounds, hillocks and boulders. The buildings and walled garden sit within this landscape as a linear sculpture.

The walled garden has similar attributes to a clearing in the forest – it is also the main point of orientation on many of the forest paths. KLA reinforced this by strengthening the legibility of the walls and contrasting the landscape inside the garden to the forest beyond.

Apart from the ancient glacial heritage, Grizedale House itself has been demolished and has left a legacy of landscape features; semi ornamental trees and driveway evergreen hedging. These variations on the surrounding forest and fields are set in opposition to the landscape types within the garden.

Cumbria, UK


Forestry Commission / Grizedale Arts




Sutherland Hussey

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A miniature drumlin valley for Grizedale’s Walled Garden

Kinnear Landscape Architects
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