Goresbrook ParkFlowering Field and Scatter Erratic

Flowering field with a dancing and dipping row of willow trees

The gentle slope of the park landscape is accentuated by planting bands of wildflowers across it, and the course of the Goresbrook is marked by a dancing and dipping row of pollarded willows on a raised bund.

The enjoyment of the place is a seasonal delight with spring blossom, summer bands of wildflowers and autumnal colour. Picnic lawns were established with wooden decks, benches, table tennis tables and a grassed mound shaped as a bench for lounging.

Local skaters worked with the design team to create a new practice skate area, and a youth project initiated a 5-a-side football tournament and a music project. Community engagement involved people in planting trees and wildflower meadows, and cleaning the stream.

The second Phase uses the concept of a field of drumlins (landscape forms created by glacier movement). Local people discovered the possibilities of stone and boulders by visiting quarries in the north of England. These group visits, lead by artist Andrew Darke, resulted in the selection of particular stones to be used in the park.

Barking and Dagenham, London


A13 Artscape




Andrew Darke

Arts Coordinator

Sian Weston

Geoff Wood

Collaborating Organisation

A13 Artscape

Groundwork Hackney


Cameron Taylor Bedford

Goresbrook Park

Flowering field with a dancing and dipping row of willow trees

Kinnear Landscape Architects
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