Dagenham BrookEnvironmental and Landscape Improvements

Strategic Green Route

Dagenham brook feasibility study investigated the key environmental and landscape improvements required to improve the existing river corridor at a strategic and detailed level. The proposals were developed with the Environment Agency and London Borough of Waltham Forest in accordance with the Water Framework Directive’s key objectives. This was considered a potential funding source for the project.

Dagenham Brook is identified in the East London Green grid as a key north - south strategic link. It is also identified in the Northern Olympic Fringe Framework document as a key connecting route between Walthamstow Reservoirs to the north of the borough and the Olympic Park to the south. Improvement of the brook corridor presents many opportunities for access, links, increased surveillance as well as key water quality improvements.

The design also focused on a detailed study area in the southern section of the brook adjacent to Marsh Lane and Ive Farm Sports Ground. These detailed proposals focused on activating the brook corridor by identifying key community activity locations to improve surveillance and safety, the creation of new access links and the improvement of existing routes. A series of environmental proposals were also developed to improve water flow and quality, this included the creation of gravel riffles and shoals, new meanders and regrading of banks to increase plant and wildlife diversity.

Waltham Forest, London


London Borough of Waltham Forest, the Environment Agency

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Strategic Green Route

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