Camden Play AreasExperimental Playgrounds

A climbing tree, a tree house, a log pile, a big swing

Play workshops led by artist Polly Brannan took place at each site.  Children were encouraged to interact and use the games to imagine the new space. Rendered plans and working architectural models communicated the designs to local people.

The event at Iverson Road included story telling, musical games and performing. The popular idea chosen was a tilted bridge located between two large willow trees with a rope swing at the end.  The tilted platform can have many uses – performance, den making, having picnics, sitting and chatting.

The Abbey Road Estate green space has a jungle treehouse built between the existing trees. Tree trunks are set into grassy mounds in a wildflower meadow - lots of opportunities for climbing and balancing games.

In a hands on arts workshop at the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate, the children constructed a game using duct tape. Then games began, with races, fanzine making and imaginative play. The green area of the estate is now home to linear stilts, stepping logs, stripey trees and a climbing tree.

At Lymington Road the design emphasizes space to explore nature, with insect habitats in the wildflower meadow and the log pile. The log pile can be used as stepping stones, climbing and den building. The logs sprout mushrooms in the autumn and at night a few glowing red resin logs light up.

Camden, London


London Borough of Camden




Polly Brannan

Camden Play Areas

A climbing tree, a tree house, a log pile, a big swing

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