Bangabandhu School community garden

Outdoor learning space and garden

The school specialises in providing for special needs children. Parents, teachers, schoolchildren and local community members all joined in to create the school garden project. The garden improves the school playground and gives much needed green space for the surrounding urban area. The garden is sustainable, with diverse species for richer wildlife, composting facilities and recycled roof runoff water for watering.

The garden was partly funded by the setting up of a veggie box scheme and the school summer Mela, Winter fair and international evenings. Design proposals were discussed within consultation events, to get maximum input from future users.

Planting of the garden took place as a mass gardening session with everyone who had been involved throughout the process and was supported by all KLA staff who planted up the garden with the school.

Tower Hamlets, London


Bangabandhu School



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Outdoor learning space and garden

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