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Regional Landscape Strategy for London’s Downlands

Working closely with Design for London and the London Boroughs of Bromley, Sutton and Croydon, KLA acted as design advisors to the London’s Downlands area of the All London Green Grid, defining a strategic vision for the region.

London’s Downlands has a unique range of existing landscapes, from the internationally important habitats of Darwin’s landscape sitting within the chalk downs, to the valleys and woodland areas. The Downlands has huge potential to contribute to the health of the city through climate change initiatives. The area also provides large swathes of countryside and open space for the population of London as a whole and provides stunning leisure routes throughout the downlands area, linking to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Downlands region includes the rural edge to the city, the commercial centres of Croydon, Bromley and Sutton, industrial sites and residential areas. The Vision identified three main strategies - the Woodland Gateway of Norwood; River Valleys as routes into the open countryside and the creation of a new Strategic Countryside Area for London.


Bromley, Sutton, Croydon in south London


Design for London

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<h3>tranquility and remoteness - <br />dramatic landform and views</h3>

tranquility and remoteness -
dramatic landform and views

<h3>heritage of farmland</h3>

heritage of farmland

<h3>biodiversity rich habitats</h3>

biodiversity rich habitats

<h3>London's chalk aquifer</h3>

London's chalk aquifer

<h3>open spaces</h3>

open spaces

<h3>strategic context</h3>

strategic context

<h3>area description</h3>

area description

<h3>vision for area</h3>

vision for area



<h3>downland countryside</h3>

downland countryside



<h3>biodiversity and sustainability</h3>

biodiversity and sustainability

<h3>countryside to city</h3>

countryside to city

<h3>realise potential for private land</h3>

realise potential for private land

<h3>project clusters</h3>

project clusters

<h3>gap analysis</h3>

gap analysis

<p>cudham valley</p>

cudham valley

<p>view to city</p>

view to city

<p>chalk woodland</p>

chalk woodland

<p>the fair comes to the downlands</p>

the fair comes to the downlands

<p>strategic vision</p>

strategic vision

Regional Landscape Strategy for London’s Downlands

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