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Sports and Play for Olympic Fringe Parks


KLA were commissioned to revitalise the three parks in Leyton through Olympic Section 106 funds. Marsh Lane, Abbotts Park, Drapers Field and Dagenham Brook are clustered outside the Queen Elizabeth Park at its northern end. These projects link to one another and to the Olympic Park. They are located along a section of the Lea Valley from River Valley to Valley Edge and up into higher ground in Leyton. 

The Abbotts Park project rejuvenated a local urban park and encouraged local people to participate in sports. The main move in the design was to open up the tennis courts and make a new connection from the pavilion to the park, to reduce antisocial behavior around the pavilion.

The Victorian character of this suburban park has been enhanced by the design – the pavilion refurbishment stays true to the character of the original structure but uses brighter materials and opens up the building to more uses including community facilities and toilets. The pavilion spaces spill out onto a large concrete deck imprinted with a timber pattern, new pavilion walls are re-clad in decking timber. A growing woven willow wall provides a background to the new deck. A kitchen and refreshment window makes the park a welcoming place for holding community events.

The tennis courts are improved and expanded to include mini tennis provision for children.  By changing the layout of the tennis courts and creating a new link between the green area of the park and the pavilion, this underused space is activated and made safer and more inviting.


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Sports and Play for Olympic Fringe Parks


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