Abbey Green

Wild and Romantic ; History and Ecology

This project develops the relationship between the town centre, the historic landscape of the Green and the origins of Barking on Barking Creek. Abbey Green is a Scheduled Ancient Monument Site and Conservation Area - the Abbey has extensive historic significance and was originally founded in 670AD.

The design celebrates and preserves the existing trees on the green and explores opportunities for diversifying environmental habitats. Fields of woodland, riverine, orchard, cloister and churchyard each have their individual characteristics.

The riverine ecology extends from the river across Abbey Road and into the site to create wild and playful spaces. The orchard uses the existing and proposed framework of trees to define a small intimate area of meadow grass and wildflower planting.

The original layout of the cloister is revealed as a pristine jewel like green square. Woodland meadow and wildflower planting in the churchyard will transform the character of the space from sombre and constrained to wild and romantic.

Barking and Dagenham, London


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham




Lynch Architects

Abbey Green

Wild and Romantic ; History and Ecology

Kinnear Landscape Architects
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