150 Stratford High Street

Recreating the lost riverine environment of the River Lea

This large residential development on a brownfield site close to the Olympic site benefited from KLA’s approach to an ecologically rich landscape. The concept reinvests the area with the lost ecology of the riverine environment. The design reinforces the connection between the site and the wider Lea Valley, with stretches of wet woodland habitat on the river edge and oak in grassland habitat in the courtyard, within curved raised planters. The scheme integrates into the overall masterplan proposals for Stratford, through use of street scene detailing and planting.

The key elements of the brief were to bring in quality improvements to the scheme. KLA were able to convert an unworkable, vehicle-centric design into a healthy living space with play elements throughout the green public areas. The result enables private areas, leisure spaces, walks on the river bank to exist alongside the required vehicular access.

The new woodland environment also forms a link in the green corridor stretching from the river up towards Stratford Centre and the Olympic Park.

Prior to submitting the planning application, approval was successfully gained from a variety of different organisations including British Waterways, Environment Agency, Design for London and CABE.

Newham, London


Genesis Housing Group



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Recreating the lost riverine environment of the River Lea

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