Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw
BA (Hons) DipArch

Hannah has solid experience as an urban designer. She joined KLA in 2016 and is currently leading the public realm design for Ealing Broadway Station Forecourt in collaboration with Alan Baxter.

Previously Hannah worked at Publica, a London based public realm and urban design company, gaining much public sector experience, working on neighbourhood plan for Queen's Park in Westminster, development framework for York Road Opportunity Area in Maidenhead and a masterplan development for Canada Water in Southwark.

Hannah has also worked for et al. Collaborative in Detroit on a civic engagement project for the Corridors Alliance. Here she designed an interactive activity, which offered an opportunity for local residents and business owners to physically represent their important considerations for the new development. Feedback from the activity was used to inform negotiations with the developer. 

Hannah has a deep understanding of London and is actively engaged in making the city a more accessible place.


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