Lynn Kinnear

Lynn Kinnear
BA (Hons) CMLI

2014 Special panel advisor, GLA Transport for London
2012 BEE for Design Council/ CABE
2010 Design for London Design Surgeon
2009 Transforming South Yorkshire DDQ panel member
2008 CABE Space Enabling panel member

Lynn is principal of the practice, and has been a chartered member of the Landscape Institute since 1985.

Lynn led the Walsall Art Gallery Urban Design project collaborating with artist Richard Wentworth and architects Caruso St John. The project achieved a successful new space and many design awards. She was project leader for the popular and award winning Normand Park, in which a programme of arts engagement was successfully implemented. This project was instrumental in a number of local social initiatives and became a test case for empowering local people to become involved in their open space.

Lynn has provided guidance for the All London Green Grid, for London’s Downlands area, providing a strategic approach to environmental and sustainability issues for the city, and has taken on design advisory roles within CABE, Design for London and the Lewisham Design Review Panel.

Lynn is involved on a day to day basis in all KLA's projects, giving clients the benefit of her extensive experience. Currently, she is directing the Walthamstow Wetlands project in north London, leading a large multidisciplinary team, and working with a complex stakeholder group and a complex funding strategy. This project will open up 200 ha of land in London to public access, giving local populations access to nature.

Lynn has the experience necessary to advise client groups and to support development projects that address the aspirations of diverse communities. Successful projects have involved Lynn helping clients/user groups to define ambitions and to imagine future possibilities for the locality. In summary, Lynn’s practice is immersed in the possibilities of social change and art and design’s power to help deliver this change.


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