Normand Park

playful urban realm

Part of the idea of the playful urban realm is the use of intrinsically playful objects which, without clear function or ownership, encourage social interaction and community cohesion through play. Great to see the waves at Drapers Field do just that:

"My son (4 years old) he really enjoys it. He is learning to ride his bike here. He saw some skateboarders, I don't know if they were professional but they were very, very good. Everyone was watching and clapping, and that gave him the encouragement he needed and he got his scooter and he started going up and down on the waves. He couldn't ride his bike, he was on stabilisers, now we have taken them off and he is riding his bike all from watching the big lot, you know. This park I really believe is catering for everybody." Local resident, Yomi Yadimode

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