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Design Museum Holon

On April 16th, the Design Museum Holon in Israel hosts the exhibition ‘Playing’

KLA’s school playground project Daubeney School Experimental Playground is featured as one of the recent design developments in play. The exhibition traces the development of playgrounds – where they began, and how they evolved from public parks, through fenced areas, to adventure spaces.

“In the Upper Gallery we seek to reawaken in visitors the question concerning the fate of playgrounds”, says curator Galit Gaon. “This exhibition is a call for a candid discussion on our place, on the right to dream, the freedom to experiment and experience, the opportunity to play, and on the alternative of growing up happy. In this exhibition we invite visitors, designers, city planners and mayors, municipal engineers and safety consultants, parents and educators, young and old alike, to return to the magic of playgrounds for a while and to choose well”.

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