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President's Award for Brentford High Street 'making the connection'

KLA wins two Landscape Institute Awards for Brentford High Street 'making the connection', the 2015 Urban Design and Masterplanning Award and the most prestigious award, the 2015 President's Award.


"The joy of this scheme is that it recognises good masterplanning practice. It successfully identifies opportunities to reconnect places safely and legibly but also taking this all the way through to realisation. It focuses on the key challenges, the least safe bits and finally a new public square. Each is done with extraordinary creative skill and lightness of touch. Some pieces looking as if it was always like that and, when a building gets in the way, the landscape architect has worked to turn it into a distinctive marker on the route rather than the previous foreboding obstacle."

"It is this combination of excellence which will undoubtedly reconnect many people and change people's understanding and perception of the area that appeal. Landscape is a holistic quest requiring rigorous consideration at all stages. I want landscape architects to feel empowered to do it all and feel they can contribute to all parts of the process. This is an example we can all learn from." 

 Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute 

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